TROVE is barely 3 months old –  it was established in January 2019. However, it feels like it has been in existence for decades!

I believe that this is what happens when you’ve been impregnated with a vision, but only see it come to life at the appointed time – even if this is YEARS down the line. The point between implantation and birth is always about development and preparation.

Most importantly, I believe that it is God’s masterly hand that has led me here.  

As is the case with most of us, I have embarked on several personal and joint projects – most of which did not develop beyond ideation. It was only about a year ago (after some much-required introspection) that I realized why those ventures were stunted: simply put, they were not my portion nor were they aligned with God’s plans for me.  As this realization was happening, my passion for wellness was ignited.

Fitness was MY thing – not a collaboration or idea suggested by someone else. Fitness was planted within me by God. It was with time and more experience in my fitness journey, that I realized the importance of holistic wellness – not merely physical wellness. There are three facets to wellbeing, and each cannot exist without the other.  So, it was through this that I was inspired to redefine what I would engage in as ‘holistic wellness’.

Achieving mental, spiritual and emotional ‘fitness’ means looking beyond the umbrella assumption of fitness as physical only.

TROVE. I know, it might be a rather unusual name, but allow me to break this story down for you.

By definition, a trove is ‘a store or a collection of delightful and valuable things’.

Thus, TROVE is a conceptual home which is devoted to motivating you to achieve overall wellness – celebrating ourselves along the way; it is a platform where you can find everything related to holistic wellness. Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness.

The platform is as a source of guidance as it relates to living a holistically healthy life and equipping you with the right resources and tools so that you can be the best version of yourself yet.

Committing to the practice of holistic wellness has completely transformed the course of my personal journey. One would think that as human beings, we would by default feel ‘alive and well’. On the contrary! This apogee, I am learning, is reached by consistently harnessing the power of intention, vision, and discipline – as per appropriate insights, of course.

As a globally-minded millennial vigorously pushing various missions and having had the privilege of being guided along the way, my wish has always been to pay it forward by equipping others with the best tools so that they too can become the grandest versions of themselves.

Committing to this journey has allowed me to begin to do just that. Essentially, it’s all about what it is that you’re willing to commit to – when you’re ready.

TROVE Wellness is my heart-felt gift to you!


Juanita K. Khumalo


TROVE Bootcamp 1.0 – A  morning session jam-packed with the latest fitness trends lead by Juanita Khumalo and a few surprise acts. 

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